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Rolf Briegel

For Peters Township School Board

A 25 year career educator and two-term Peters Township School Board Director.

Experienced Perspective

The most significant impact on students remains what happens inside the classroom.  School boards govern the district overall and therefore must adopt a so-called 30,000 foot view, but the details of what happens daily inside classrooms may escape their constant attention.  Furthermore, school directors may be unaware of the potentially unintended consequences of the decisions they make and the protocols they impose.  I believe my 25 years serving as a Pennsylvania public school science teacher give me a perspective valuable to a school board.

In my eight years of service to the Peters Township School District, I have when necessary informed the board of how governing policies might be viewed, interpreted, or even side-stepped.  I can highlight unintended consequences of board and administrative policies and suggest better ways of accomplishing goals.  I can interpret (and have) how school board rhetoric may or may not impact classroom reality.  I believe I can bridge the connection between a school board and the classroom, helping the school to perform its main function better: educate our children. 

The Experience Our School Board Needs

About Rolf

After graduating high school in Richmond, VA I attended the University of Virginia, majoring in environmental sciences in 1991 and earning a commission in the U. S. Navy at the same time.  After completing my active duty service in 1995 I moved to State College where my wife was in grad school at Penn State.  While there I earned my teaching certificate and got myself hired at State College High School in the fall of 1997.  We moved to Peters in June 2000, and I started at Mt. Lebanon High School 2 months later.  In 2008 I earned my Master of Arts in teaching from Cal U, and in 2013 I added a driver ed. certificate (from IUP) to my Earth and space certificate.  In addition to my teaching and other duties for the school, I have run Mt. Lebanon’s SAT testing program since 2012 and added the ACT a few years ago. 


I firmly believe that a good education remains paramount: no matter where or how anybody starts life, the best way to get ahead is to get a good education.  We must maintain our focus on reading, writing, math, science, and teaching the history of our country so that we can duplicate our successes while avoiding the mistakes of the past.  I worry other schools in some areas are indoctrinating instead of educating, and I will fight that in Peters.  I have no interest in dwelling on our country’s mistakes other than to learn from them so we don’t repeat them.  I believe all children should be treated with kindness and respect while holding them to high standards and expectations, including treating others with kindness and respect.

Too many of the younger generations seem either to concentrate on what the world can give them so that they can relax and be entertained or to complain about something they don’t like or destroy what they don’t understand.  We need to shift their focus to what they can give the world through their hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  Much of that begins at home, but schools must hold up their end as well, demanding that students give their best in all they do and pointing out when they don’t.

Although my youngest graduated from Peters last year, all three of my children received excellent educations at Peters, and all earned admission to and are attending / graduated from top universities.  Although I did not view quite all of their educational experiences at Peters with approval, especially in the younger grades, each of my kids spoke very highly of their teachers, respected them greatly, remember them fondly, and (although I haven’t asked them recently) likely consider their time at Peters well-spent.  I want to continue to ensure other children receive the same quality treatment and get the same quality education. 


Masters Degree in Teaching
California University of Pennsylvania 2008

BS Environmental Science
Astronomy Minor
University of Virginia 1991

PA Earth and Space Teaching Certificate
Penn State 1997

PA Driver and Safety Certificate
Indiana University of Pennsylvania 2013

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